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Why aren’t India and China opposing Russia’s Ukraine colonization?

By MediaIntel.Asia

Given their history, one might have expected India and China to be two of the most vocal critics of Russia’s invasion and effort to in essence colonize, or recolonize, Ukraine. And yet neither country has done so. Indeed, both have seen the Russian in…

Seaside lockdown shows Covid-Zero’s lasting hit to China

By ChinaPulse.com

BEIJING (BLOOMBERG) – The seaside city of Beihai is emerging from a month-long lockdown that derailed its peak tourism season, a likely indicator of what’s in store for China’s travel sector as other summer vacation hotspots struggle …

China orders Covid-19 community helpers to follow local leadership The Star

By ChinaPulse.com

Community volunteer services for Covid-19 prevention and control must follow the orders of local Communist Party committees and governments, according to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs.
On Tuesday, the ministry issued guidelines laying down specific…

Tesla China opens 100th Supercharger in Beijing

By ChinaPulse.com

Tesla China opened Beijing’s 100th Supercharger. Sawyer Merritt shared the news on Twitter noting that Tesla announced this milestone for Beijing. Beijing wasn’t the only Chinese city to get its 100th Tesla Supercharger.…
This data comes from th…

Outpacing NASA By 10 Times, China Sets Sight To Develop A Giant Telescope To Search For ‘Things That Matter’

By ChinaPulse.com

To gain an edge over the US space agency NASA, Chinese scientists aim to develop a next-gen space observatory to search for dark matter. The ambitious project – known as the Very Large Area gamma-ray Space Telescope, or VLAST – is currently in its earl…

Huawei smartphone door to door service starts in 28 new Chinese cities Huawei Central

By ChinaPulse.com

Huawei has officially confirmed that its smartphone and tablet on-site service has now been starting in 28 new Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and more to provide a new user experience and support for the consumers.…
This d…

Relief, caution in Beijing as city lifts Covid-19 dine-in curbs TODAY

By ChinaPulse.com

BEIJING — After staying home for more than a month, Ms Chen Chunmei joined a long line of customers at a popular Beijing restaurant where diners tucked into massive bowls of crayfish following an easing of Covid-19 restrictions in the Chinese capital.&…

China renounces hosting right for the World Weightlifting Championship due to outbreaks of COVID-19

By ChinaPulse.com

China renounces hosting right for the World Weightlifting Championship due to outbreaks of COVID-19 The IWF will look for a new venue for the event, which is scheduled to take place in less than eight months Por
Miguel Hernández 23 de Marzo de 2022 mig…

Global Laurocapram Market Forecast, Share, Size, Trends With Covid-19 Situation Beijing Brilliance Bio, Nanjing Hongzun Chemical, Hainan Chenghe Chemical Co.

By ChinaPulse.com

Global Laurocapram Market 2022 Research Report provides key analysis on the market status of the Laurocapram manufacturers with best facts and figures, meaning, definition, SWOT analysis, expert opinions, and the latest developments across the globe.&#…


By ChinaPulse.com

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