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East Africa: Global Protests Call on China to Reject Destructive East African Crude Oil Pipeline

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[#StopEACOP] Kampala, Uganda — Hundreds of environmental and community activists staged peaceful protests at the corporate headquarters of some Chinese banks and insurance firms, as well as Chinese embassies across Africa, Europe and North America tod…

Namibia: Illegal Fishing Headache Continues … N$1.5 Billion Revenue Lost Annually

By New Era

[New Era] Walvis Bay — Fisheries minister Derek Klazen has expressed deep concern over the magnitude of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing on the country’s coastal line.

Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s Desire to Own Sea Outlet – a Timely Question but Requires Diligence

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[Ethiopian Herald] Until the last quarter of the 19th century, Ethiopia had no neighboring countries bordering its sea coastal territories across Read Sea, Gulf of Aden and Atlantic Ocean. The advent of European colonialism in the 1880s created new cou…

Rwanda: MTN Rwanda Extended ‘25,000 Trees for 25 Years’ Environmental Initiative to Nyarugenge District As Part of Its 25th Anniversary Celebration

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[New Times] In celebration of its 25th anniversary this year, MTN Rwandacell PLC (MTN Rwanda) extended “25,000 trees for 25 years” environmental initiative to Nyarugenge District, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and…

Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s Sovereign Port Access Spurs Regional Transformation – Expert

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia’s sovereign access to seaport would facilitate shared regional economic development in the Horn of Africa (HoA), an economic expert said, calling coastal neighbors to embrace mutual growth principle.

Africa: New Report From the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Outlines Priorities for COP28

By Mo Ibrahim Foundation

[Mo Ibrahim Foundation] The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) has released its latest research report, Africa on the road to COP28: reconciling climate & development , outlining the three priorities that must be addressed at COP28 in Dubai.

Africa: Loss and Damage Q&A – What’s At Stake for Africa At COP28?

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[African Arguments] Why is the Loss and Damage fund so important for Africa and what will likely come out of the negotiations at COP28?

Ethiopia: Akobo Minerals Hits Gold Ore Body At Segele Mine in Gambella, Set to Start Pilot Production

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba — Akobo Minerals has announced that it has hit a gold ore body underground at the Segele mine in Gambella region after 13 years of exploration.

Tanzania: Remarkable Development in Isles Seaweed Farming

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[Daily News] Zanzibar — THE Zanzibar Seaweed Company (ZASCO) and the UK based company ‘Nutri-san’ Limited have signed a framework agreement for a joint operation and management of a carrageenan factory at Chamanangwe industrial park, Pemba Island.

Africa: COP28 – President Using Summit to Arrange Oil Deals Proves ‘Fox Is Guarding Hen House’

By AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance

[AI London] Reacting to a BBC report that Sultan Al Jaber, the president-designate of COP28, who is also the chief executive of the UAE’s Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), was briefed to advance the interests of the businesses he leads before doz…