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2019 Travel Bucket List South Africa – Where to Holiday THIS Year

By Wanda

Our 2019 travel bucket list South Africa, comes laden with surprises. Think you know South Africa? Think again… South Africa’s vastness means there are endless nooks and crannies lurking in amongst which you’ll find surprising mountain passes, ca…

Mountain View Cottages in South Africa, Where You can Catch Your Breath

By Wanda Coustas

South Africa has some of the most spectacular uncharted mountain ranges that often go unpublicised and remain unknown, even to return visitors. So, it’s almost as easy to find mountain view cottages in South Africa as it is beach cottage stays. It boil…

10 Gorgeous Guest Houses in the Free State

By Wanda Coustas

These gorgeous guest houses in the Free State will come as a welcome surprise. Gone is the dizzying chintz and outdated style often associated with this part of the country. These Free State guest houses are compelling, elegantly furnished and easy on …