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Best Beach Cottage Holidays in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

Beach cottage holidays in South Africa – One can’t help but bring to mind beach cottage holidays when one thinks of South Africa. Beach house stays that include rickety wooden walkways down to white, sandy beaches that stretch for miles… Th…

Western Cape Tented Camps perfect for a Glamping Weekend

By Wanda Coustas

Western Cape Tented Camps … before you shake your head at the thought of having to slum it in a tent, tented camps are anything but the camping holiday that first comes to mind. Many have solid furniture, feather duvets, hot running water and ele…

Best Places to Stay on the West Coast, South Africa (Wait ‘til you See the Last!)

By Wanda Coustas

Our best places to stay on the West Coast of South Africa are a varied list of choices – from seaside villas with incredible views, to farmhouse cottages out under the stars in the middle of nowhere, from riverside homes and even boutique hotels …