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‘Planet Earth is big enough for two’: Biden and Xi meet for first time in a year

By ChinaPulse.com

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met in California on Wednesday, exchanging handshakes and smiles as they embarked on face-to-face dialogues that both sides hope will stabilise US-China relations.
The US president opened his remarks by saying that tensions bet…

The US Air Force Is Looking For A New Area 51 Flight Operator

By ChinaPulse.com

Summary The United States Air Force (USAF) is considering replacing the current operator of the ‘Janet’ service.
The USAF’s Request For Information (RFI) does not guarantee a future Request for Proposal (RFP).…
This data comes f…

Datalex chair Hargaden reinvests most of his fees in shares

By MediaIntel.Asia

Datalex’s chairman of almost four years, David Hargaden, snapped up a further €90,000 batch of shares in the airline retail software company since it reported financial results late last month.
This means that the chairman, who was brought in as part …