Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. Completes New Wave of Strategic Agreements Improving Operational Capabilities by Accessing cutting-edge technologies for its JVs

January 28, 2021 | News Source: Xinwengao
Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd enters into a new wave of strategic agreements that will provide our Joint Ventures with best-in-class corporate solutions to streamline processes and optimize business operations while accessing a new potential base of strategic investors and operating partners for our Joint Ventures.

Hong Kong, China, January 28, 2021 / - Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. is proud to announce a new set of strategic agreements with three information technology companies to enhance business processes and automation for our Joint Ventures. A partnership with Jinan Minshang IT Co, Ltd will grant access to their AI driven technology platform for enhanced business decision making. Jinan Minshang IT Co., Ltd.’s proprietary AI enhances a business’s efficiency from many aspects including sales, supply chain, and customer service. Their platform is currently being used in China in medical, manufacturing, and financial industries in order to maximize customer satisfaction and sales. The main customers of Jinan Minshang Information Technology Co., Ltd. includes FAW Volkswagen, FAW Group, Minsheng Bank and more than 300 logistics enterprises.

Furthermore, partnerships were signed with Aoke Xingyun Technology Development Co, Ltd, a business accelerator platform driven by digital innovation, and Ten Billion of Industrial Institute (TBII), a professional and academic collaboration for scientific research and development of cutting-edge technologies. These partnerships are based on mutual collaboration efforts to share best practices and access to each other’s client base and rolodex.

Sebright Chen, Chairman & CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd. addresses the importance of the agreements:

“Summer Atlantic prides itself on its ever expanding network of highly qualified professionals in a variety of industries, these partnerships will further expand our network. Consequently, our new Partners will gain access to our database of both political and business leaders.

All of our partnerships are geared towards maximizing the success of our Joint Ventures and their investors by giving them an operational edge through access to our new Partner’s technology, and potentially pairing them with better suited strategic investors and/or operating partners. We are always looking at every possible avenue in order to optimize the effectiveness of our JVs.”

About Summer Atlantic Capital

Summer Atlantic Capital is a Hong-Kong based entity with a sister company, Summer Atlantic China (our private equity group) based in China, and a North American marketing arm, Summer Atlantic US. We focus on discovering companies with advanced technologies that are beneficial to the Chinese market. We work with the owners of these technologies to structure JV partnerships with strategic Chinese entities or individuals that have expertise in the respective field. In addition, Summer Atlantic arranges for the necessary capital to finance the joint ventures, which could include direct participation by our sister company, Summer Atlantic China, private individuals, business entities, or even state-owned funds. Summer Atlantic evaluates the feasibility of these technologies and how they could potentially enhance the Chinese consumer while at the same time simultaneously adding GDP growth into the Chinese economy. Summer Atlantic takes an active role from the formation of the JV all the way up to and including operations and the development of an exit strategy for the JV’s shareholders. Summer Atlantic Capital consists of a growing core team of over 25 executives with C level experience across a wide range of industries interacting with some of the world’s largest corporations. Our Executive team prides itself on their proven track record and rolodex of relationships throughout industry and government. /

About Jinan Minshang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinan Minshang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced AI business tools application and data solution provider for companies, located in Beijing, China. Jinan Minshang Information Technology Co., Ltd.’s proprietary technology helps companies achieve a higher level of efficiency through increased information, decreasing management’s decision making time, improving efficiency and productivity.

About Ten Billions of Industrial Institute (TBII)

Founded in 2013, it relies on top universities at home and abroad, Scientific research institutions, together with well-known academicians, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, investors, practitioners of professional institutions, and other high level talents, to collaborate on the transformation of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, incubate and accelerate regional development.

About Aoke Xingyun (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

A global enterprise directly initiated by Tsinghua University. The company is a digital technology innovation platform with the brand of Aoke accelerator TM. Relying on the cross regional and cross industry digital technology innovation cloud independently developed by the core team of academicians of the school of information of Tsinghua University, the company has realized the standardization, modularization and digitization of high-quality investment banking services integrated with law, Finance and investment with risk control as the core.

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