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Mountain View Cottages in South Africa, Where You can Catch Your Breath

By Wanda Coustas

South Africa has some of the most spectacular uncharted mountain ranges that often go unpublicised and remain unknown, even to return visitors. So, it’s almost as easy to find mountain view cottages in South Africa as it is beach cottage stays. It boil…

The Most Spectacular Uncharted Mountain Ranges in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

Anyone who’s a seasoned traveller knows about the mountain ranges in South Africa that most impress: Table Mountain, the Drakensberg, the Pilanesberg, the Tsitsikamma Mountains and the Cederberg make it onto most visitors’ must-do lists. But the countr…

Best Places to Stay on the Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape

By Wanda Coustas

Best places to stay on the Sunshine Coast are aplenty as it’s one of South Africa’s most popular coastlines. The Sunshine Coast extends between the Tsitsikamma and East London – a collection of seaside villages and towns with beaches that go on f…

Outside the Box Ideas for the Best of Travel in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

For your next holiday think differently… Look at getting the best of Travel in South Africa from a new perspective. Because we’ve a few novel and creative outside the box ideas to share with you. Each of the accommodation options below is unconventional – because they’re creative, off-the-beaten-path, or just plain fun. And a stay […]

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Best Trail Running Routes in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

South Africans love trail running. It’s that taking on trails, climbing mountains and racing through forests thing that appears to have bitten hard. It isn’t surprising really, given the legions of mountain bike singletrack up for grabs across the coun…