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Who needs Thailand? Just go to Gerickes Point

By The SA-Venues.com Team

If you booked your accommodation on the Garden Route and you’re after some pure sun-, sea- and sand-style bliss, Gerickes is South Africa’s answer to Thailand. And, we all need a little Thailand in our lives. Actually, when it comes to pristine beaches…

Everything You Need to Know to See the Garden Route Properly

By Wanda Coustas

The Garden Route, for the uninitiated, is not a self-drive circuit linking cultivated gardens for the horticulturally inclined. Rather, it’s a one-of-a-kind journey along a coastline where mountains crowd a shoreline punctuated with a myriad beaches, l…

A Guide to the Major Lakes of South Africa – including Some You Won’t Know

By Wanda Coustas

When one thinks of South Africa one imagines the vast plains of the bushveld, the vines of the Cape Winelands, wave-washed towns and Table Mountain. Some visitors come for the country’s deserts. Major lakes of South Africa rarely spring to mind. But So…

Best Places to Stay on the Garden Route

By Wanda Coustas

Time to start planning your next Garden Route adventure! Known as “God’s Own Country” by those who live here, the Garden Route attracts visitors from around the world and all of South Africa. And once you’ve been, you will under…

Outside the Box Ideas for the Best of Travel in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

For your next holiday think differently… Look at getting the best of Travel in South Africa from a new perspective. Because we’ve a few novel and creative outside the box ideas to share with you. Each of the accommodation options below is unconventional – because they’re creative, off-the-beaten-path, or just plain fun. And a stay […]

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The 20 Best SMALL Beach Towns in South Africa

By Wanda Coustas

It’s not difficult to get swept up by the wildness of Kruger, the elegance of the Winelands, or the sophistication of Cape Town. But it is the small beach towns in South Africa that get to the heart of what it is to experience the country’s diversity &…