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Best Places to Stay in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa

By Wanda

When you think of places to stay in the Kalahari Desert it brings to mind loads of sand (and not much else), parched animals at nonexistent waterholes, and extreme heat. But this picture of the Kalahari Desert as arid with little to mar the landscape i…

Best Places to Stay in the Upper Karoo – South Africa’s Astoundingly Beautiful ‘Outback’

By Wanda Coustas

Best Places to Stay in Upper Karoo ~ Don’t think you’re going to manage the Karoo South Africa in one visit. Because you’re not. For starters it takes up a substantial chunk of the innerlands of South Africa – its full extent not obviously define…

The Kalahari Desert in South Africa reveals its secrets

By Wanda Coustas

The Kalahari Desert looks like a desert, by all appearances is a desert, and yet it’s something of a conundrum because it is, in fact, not a desert. The Kalahari Desert in South Africa, is not a desert Africa’s southernmost desert gets too much rain, f…